Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


Our Vision

  • To survive, one must adapt. To adapt, understanding the real nature of the technological evolutions, cultural identities and business mechanisms is key
  • In a world where open source data becomes the winning paradigm to growth and success, giving access to coaching and free knowledge has become our goal

Our Mission

  • At Masters of AI, we pledge to connect Generations, Cultures and Countries and support the flow of knowledge in the world of Computer Science, Information Technologies and Artificial Intelligence

Our Values

  • As the Humans remain the center of the game, the process to serenity starts by getting out of the Comfort Zone, dive through the Fear Zone to reach the Learning Zone
  • Once knowledge, awareness and understanding are reached, the lives, we consciously choose to embrace, make sense
  • Because nobody aspires to become ‘’the product’’, we believe that everybody must be able to assess the fast-technological evolution and have access to the tools to be able to anticipate its opportunities, its treats, the legal rights and moral obligations

Our Actions

  • If what you Master is fascinating, then Masters of AI has the tool to make it known
  • As we believe in Humans, Masters of AI acts like an international  Media Hub and shows to its community the personal goals of those in Research & Development, what motivate the Characters behind the projects, the identity of the People behind the scene and show how from an idea, a passion and a lot of hard work, these developments are to bring humanity a better awakened life
  • Masters of AI provides to its Award Winners with top quality coaching, to support projects to become successful and operational models

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